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Special Secretariat Team

Special Secretariat Team 

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The Projeto Crescer works as a taskforce. Its small team is integrated by specialists on areas of Infrastructure, Finance, Law, Engineering, Economics and Rnternational Relations. Its mission is to elaborate the rules applicable to public concessions, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and infrastructure projects in Brazil for the upcoming months. It will reduce the bureaucratic hassles and bring greater legal certainty, transparency and efficiency to the process. 

  • Moreira Franco

    Minister of State Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic

    Experience:  Moreira Franco is a sociologist and former professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the Fluminense Federal University. He is an experienced public manager and had been elected to important political positions. In 1974 he was elected Congressman in Brazil and later the Mayor of the City of Niteroi. In 1987 he was elected Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro and in 1995 he was elected Congressman again for two mandates. In 2007 he assumed the Vice-Presidency of the Caixa Economica Federal bank. He was also the Secretary of Strategic Affairs in the Federal Government during 2011 and 2013 and the Chief-Minister of the Civil Aviation Secretariat between 2013 and 2015.

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6425

  • Adalberto Santos de Vasconcelos

    Special Secretary

    Experience:  Former engineer of the Metro of Brasília. Auditor at the Federal Court of Auditors, having assumed the role of director and secretary in the Secretariat of Supervision of Privatizations.

    Academic background:  Post-Graduate Certification in Public Services Regulation at Instituto Serzedello Corrêa and in Public Auditing at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Brasilia (UnB).

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6405

  • Bruna de Lourdes Araújo Souza

    Chief of Staff

    Experience:  Experienced professional in economic analysis, with emphasis in Public Sector Economics, regulation and public policy assessment. Former technical advisor at the Ministry of Finance and at the Ministry of Health. Former Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. 

    Academic background:  PhD student at the University of Brasilia (UnB). Has a Master in Economics from UnB and a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB).

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6419

  • Marco Aurélio de Barcelos Silva

    Secretary of Investments and Partnerships Coordination

    Experience:  Former legal director of São Paulo Business (Municipal company in charge of PPP and concession projects in the City of São Paulo). Former director of the PPP Unit of the State of Minas Gerais (taking part of the very first PPP projects in Brazil). Former counselor to Justice of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice (STJ). 

    Academic background:  Master of Law degree (LL.M) at University College London (UCL). Master of Law degree in Administrative Law at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). Post-Graduate Certification in Finance at Brazilian Institute for Capital Markets (Ibmec Business School).

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6408

  • Anderson Marcio de Oliveira


    Experience:  Lawyer at BNDES. Expertise in the environmental area and in modeling infrastructure and privatization projects.

    Academic background:  Master degree in Public Law at Federal University of Pernambuco. LLM in Regulatory and State Law at FGV - Rio. Master in Regulation and Law at FGV -Rio.

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6439

  • Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas

    Secretary of Project Coordination

    Experience:  Counselor of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies. Former Army engineer. Served in the Brazilian Army Engineer Team at the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti. Former President Director of Brazil´s Transport Infrastructure Department (DNIT). 

    Academic background:  Bachelor degree in Civil Engineer at the Brazilian Military Engineering Institute (IME). Post-graduation Certificate in project management and transportation engineering at IME. 

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6401

  • Tatiana Thomé de Oliveira


    Experience:  Former executive manager at CAIXA for six years, responsible for the assessment of SINAPI - National System of Research and Construction Indexes. For seven years, engineer and coordinator at CAIXA, responsible for project analyses, public works monitoring, and real estate credit assessment.

    Academic background:  PhD in Engineering (PPGEC / UFRGS). Post-Graduate Certification in Public Management (Cândido Mendes University), Master’s degree in Engineering (UFRGS) and Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (UFRGS).

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6407

  • Pedro Bruno Barros de Souza

    Secretary of Public Policy Coordination

    Experience:  Employee and former advisor of the Office of the President at BNDES – Brazilian Development Bank, where also worked  as a coordinator at the Project Management Office. Former employee at Petrobras and at the Planning and Management Secretariat of the State of Minas Gerais besides had worked with consultancy focused on management.

    Academic background:  Master degree in Management - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). Master in International Management - Université Pierre Mendès (France). Bachelor in Public Administration / João Pinheiro Foundation (FJP-MG).

    Institutional E-mail:​

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6400

  • Bruno Eustáquio Ferreira Castro de Carvalho


    Experience:  Advisor at Ministry of Environmental. Advisor at Ministry of Regional Integration. Advisor and Chief of Staff at Secretary of Strategy Affairs (Presidency of the Republic).

    Academic background:  PhD in Civil Engineering at University of Lisbon (UL) and Doctor in University of Brasília (UnB) (Co-tutela). MSc in Technology at UnB. MSc integrate (Bolonha) in Environmental Engineer. Expert in Economic and Social Analysis of Infrastructure at National Public School (ENAP). Expert in Intelligence and Future Planning at UnB. Civil Engineer at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). Environmental Technology at Federal Center of Technology (CEFET-MG)

    Institutional E-mail:

    Institutional Phone: (61) 3411-6474